Our Intention

 To create a yoga and community space for all people, of all faiths, of all colors, of all shapes, of all sizes, creeds and orientations. To both honor and celebrate this uniqueness, ROAM teachers come from a broad spectrum of lineages and modalities, offering something for everybody and every body.





Jessica Snow is a meditative storyteller and multimedia alchemist.

Since 2011, her bright imagination, inclusive nature, and magical voice have made her a sought-out and beloved meditation guide in her hometown of Los Angeles. Her main purpose is to reconnect you with your own magic.

She writes, creates, records and leads inventive mystical experiences that are as profound as they are pleasurable. Beneficial for both the first time and experienced meditator, her narratives are powerful myths and beautiful fairy tales filled with symbolism. By placing the participant at the center of each journey,she opens the door to the possibilities of awakening, rejuvenation, and transcendence.

Since starting crystal meditations at L.A.’s Spellbound Sky in 2012 (now at ROAM’s new meditation center!), Jessica has guided hundreds of events with thousands of people, written three books, created a futuristic streaming service so anyone anywhere can press play and meditate, collected a lot of crystals and witnessed an extraordinary amount of magic.



Yoga is healing and it is that simple. For Maria, yoga is a way to come back to the essence of who we are, a sweet invitation to dive deep into all the goodness and light that lives within us all.

Maria was born and raised in Guatemala and moved to the US in her early twenties. She discovered yoga while working crazy hours at a law firm in Atlanta and it quickly turned from a hobby to a passion. Since then, Maria has spent over 300 hours in trainings developing her unique style that combines creative sequencing and precise alignment cues with a deep focus on the breath. Maria has led multiple international yoga retreats to Iceland, Costa Rica and Bali. She is also a certified Pranic Healer (a comprehensive system of energetic medicine) and an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor. She has co-led several teacher training programs and offers a number of workshops on the subtle body.


I took my first yoga class at 8 years old during a P.E. class in my grammar school in the Chicago suburbs.  I remember laying on a mat in Savasana, staring up at the ceiling in my school’s gymnasium feeling a different sense of calm.  That must have lasted me for a while because it took about 25 years for me to take another class,…and after that I was hooked. 

I love blending intelligently sequenced vinyasa, focused alignment, pranayama, and deep restorative poses into my classes.  I believe yoga is a culture, a way of life that allows for greater understanding of the language of me, of you, and of us all.  Yoga is a gift, and I love every moment of being able to share that gift in my classes.


I’ll always be fascinated with understanding how my personal happiness is linked to comfort and confidence within my body. No other form of movement has allowed me the space to explore this idea like my yoga practice has.

As a teacher, it’s my goal to help others use their breath, body and consciousness to obtain a deeper, more meaningful connection with themselves and others around them in a generous and kind way. As a practitioner, yoga will continue to be my practice for longevity, humility and acceptance.

Bowing down to my many teachers over the past 12 years who have made profound impacts on my life, especially Abbie Galvin and Carrie Owerko. 


Born in the bay of San Francisco and raised in the cornfields of Illinois, Luna has always had a big heart and an open mind.

In 2009 Luna helped her family open Amara Yoga & Arts, a yoga studio in Urbana, Illinois, and with her background in gymnastics, took to it immediately. She soon developed a strong practice and a passion for the yogic way of life. In the summer of 2010 Luna completed 200-hour yoga teacher training through YogaWorks in Santa Monica, and she taught public classes at Amara until she graduated from the University of Illinois in 2012. Luna then relocated to Los Angeles where she completed the 300-hour YogaWorks teacher training program with her mentor, Kia Miller.

In the fall of 2015 Luna completed the 75-hour Wanderlust teacher training with Schuyler Grant, Chad Dennis and Chelsey Korus. Luna teaches Hatha and Vinyasa Flow classes in Los Angeles that cultivate strength while encouraging a sense of peace. She inspires others to look inside themselves and find a deeper connection with their own expansive potential, wisdom, and healing abilities through yoga.


Rachel is an ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance certified teacher, mama to Eloise, and a legacy ambassador for the Lululemon.   All of Rachel’s classes are centered around a unique physical and a spiritual theme which is woven throughout every heart opening, alignment specific practice.

Over the past ten years, Rachel has taught at the best studios in Los Angeles including Equinox, Urth Yoga,  Exhale, Black Dog Yoga, The Springs, and Wanderlust Hollywood.   She has lead teacher trainings in Los Angeles and leads retreats all over the world.

If you are a rock star teacher or if you have never stepped on a yoga mat, you are welcome in her class! Her mission in class is that you feel better when you leave then when you walked in the door.


Raquel and yoga began their love story in 2007. After moving from Texas to Los Angeles, she found the practice of yoga and an open-armed community that enriched her life beyond her dreams. Trained by Keric Morinaga and Rachel Jackson in the Anusara style of yoga, Raquel’s classes blend universal themes with specific and intentional alignment instructions. Raquel hopes that each student leaves her class feeling empowered, aware and connected to their bliss.

Outside of the yoga studio, you’ll find “the beaded lady” creating custom made jewelry for her company Hanuman Heart.


Cristina first fell in love with yoga in 2002 while she was attending The School of Visual Arts in NYC. There, she took a yoga philosophy class where they stretched, moved, and stood on their heads with their amazing 75 year old professor. He talked about the BREATH and the NOW and he shined SO brightly. She remembers wanting to shine like that and thought there must be something to this whole yoga thing. 

Fast forward to today, Cristina has been teaching various styles of yoga and meditation classes since 2009 and is constantly inspired by teachers and students from all over the world. She is inspired by how movement brings us closer to all parts of ourselves and by the amazing things the human body can do.  


Dana’s classes emphasize aligned, mindful movement and the cultivation of slow, steady heat. Expect a skillful balance of purification and restoration, and the space to explore the teacher that resides within. Dana is a 500-hour E-RYT, and is an ongoing student of many lineages, including: Iyengar Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Vinyasa and Yin. Beginning in 2011, she co-taught the annual 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Nosara Yoga Institute along side founders, Don and Amba Stapleton.


When not on her mat, Dana finds yoga in the kitchen. She holds a Master’s Degree in Food Studies from New York University, and a holistic chef’s certification from the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts. Dana brings her love of food to life as the managing director of a nonprofit based in South LA called Groceryships, that promotes wellness through the healing power of healthy foods and human connection. Dig in with her around the table at one of her seasonal I Am Nourished workshops and retreats. www.livinglavidayoga.com and www.groceryships.org


With a background in dance + music and a mother from India, Puja has always been interested in the ways the human body moves and the devotion and introspection of yoga.

Incorporating physical alignment with bhakti and philosophy, Puja will guide you through a holistic experience exploring the physical as well as subtle bodies to know yourself more deeply. And whether you come to a class or a kirtan, you will be serenaded w the energies of the harmonium and voice for a sonic healing.


Emilie Perz is a yoga movement therapist and founder of Yoga Integrative Therapies. She is widely known for her strong, creative and educational approach to yoga. Emilie’s teachings reveal how yoga mirrors the practical movements we make in life and how learning to align your unique body can create optimal health.

With a hands-on approach she uses functional movement and clear anatomical and educational cues to inspire students to take control of their personal health. Emilie weaves her knowledge on yoga, sports medicine and therapeutics into her public classes while working clinically alongside doctors creating comprehensive treatment plans for patients.


Laura was born and raised in the cornfields of Iowa. She moved to Los Angeles in 2012 after receiving her BFA in Acting from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Laura started practicing yoga in 2007 with her parents in Iowa, and continued to practice regularly throughout college. She made the natural progression into teaching after her practice continued to blossom on the west coast.

She received her 200 hr teaching certification from Yogaworks studying with Carolina Goldberg and Jeanne Heileman, and continued on to her 300 hours with Carolina. Laura loves creative playlists to compliment her creative sequencing.  Her classes strive to promote balance and a true sense of self, while lovingly pushing the practitioner to explore their edges.

Laura’s purpose in teaching yoga is to help each person learn, live, and fully encompass their own element. To be balanced and open so each person can recognize and begin to live their fullest potential.


For Leah, yoga is a practice of gathering information for the purpose of self-exploration and empowerment. It is a way to practice standing one’s ground, igniting the imagination, releasing old habits, and experiencing a revelation.


As a Katonah-certified teacher, her classes are rooted in Katonah Yoga theory which combines elements of Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and breathwork practices.



Alison is an intuitive vinyasa teacher. She believes her students are their own best teachers and creates space for safe and intelligent exploration of the body through breath, movement, and intuition practices.

She has completed 500 hrs of training at the Nosara Yoga Institute, taught and studied around the world, and brings elements of Iyengar, Kundalini, devotion, and dance party to her classes. 


Liz’s fascination with anatomy; her pursuit for knowledge and detail oriented mind-body training comes through in all her classes. Through the lens of her teaching, a student has a unique yoga experience: one wherein they are comfortable exploring the limits and possibilities of their own body, and from that foundation, are able to tap into an otherwise unknown self-awareness (and breadth of knowledge) that can help them on and off the mat; whether it be helping to work through chronic pain or injury; or, to achieve better awareness and courageously explore their limits.

She believes that life (and our bodies) are always evolving; still, we are capable of all that we put ourselves up to; and above that, we are capable of overcoming the seemingly insurmountable challenges. In her classes you won’t only overcome the unprecedented challenges you face, you’ll realize they are, in fact opportunities.

Liz is deeply grateful to Chad, Jenn, and  all her teachers across lineages, and healing modalities over the years.


My yoga is symbolic and in that drenched with personal meaning. It is a constellation of recovered understandings. It is my life in new expressions. It is the invisible within me emoting. It is metaphor. It is my heart felt through my body, my body perceived by my mind, my mind found within my soul. It is infinite access. It is a place of deep remembrance where I can learn to approach my truths modestly but powerfully with intelligence, compassion, and unwavering curiosity.