While all ROAM teachers are truly unique and have their own way of imparting knowledge there is one thing all ROAM teachers and ROAM classes have in common – a seamless balance of intricate sequencing coupled with a deep understanding of the human body and how it was designed to move. We are inspired by anatomy, architecture, art and audio.


For absolute beginners or those who seek to move in a slower, more methodical and detailed-instruction based setting. The perfect class for learning the core concepts and alignment principles of yoga.


For those newer to the practice of yoga, who like to move at a slower pace, are recovering from an injury or simply need that extra bit of time to move in and out of postures while feeling safe and secure. And while the pace of LEVEL ONE/TWO classes aren’t overly fast or vigorous introductory concepts of flow and linking of postures will be explored. Be prepared to learn about your own body through extended anatomical cueing and holding postures for longer periods of time. Don’t be fooled, however, slower can be harder.


ROAM’s version of an OPEN level class - LEVEL TWO is for those who have a basic understanding of Flow concepts and how to transition in and out of numerous postures linked together. Teachers make sure to offer a wide variation of poses making this class accessible to both intermediate as well as advanced level practitioners.


An intermediate/advanced level class where the flow is thick and holds are deep. LEVEL TWO/THREE classes dive into more advanced sequencing, arm balances, inversions, backbends, hip openings…basically everything.


Take 45 minutes of upbeat methodical Flow and marry it with 45 minutes of downtempo Yin+Restorative and a perfect chord of balance is struck. ‘Nuf said.


Soul Sound Sunday is all about renewal and reclamation. It's your chance to step out of the sound of the city and in to the sound of your soul!

Over the course of 75 minutes you will go on a beautiful well rounded journey - starting with a slow, but steady awakening flow to tune the body followed by call and response chanting - a way to express your individuality and tune the soul. The journey comes full circle with a grounding guided meditation. The perfect way to end one week and begin another.

All levels welcome!


Sundays are for redemption and salvation. Utilizing Kirtan (chanting), downtempo movement, restorative poses, sound [thru chanting and music] as well as energy healing this class is the perfect way to segue into the upcoming week. Come get uplifted, restored and renewed.
Get Up. Get Down. Get Lost. Get Found.